The following statement was released on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 by the One Bermuda Alliance…

The Bermuda Government can no longer ignore the voice of the people. They are frustrated, they are confused over the regulations and the Government has to do better and communicate clearly with the people of Bermuda. 

Visitors are hesitant to visit Bermuda. The regulations are too strict—especially if they are vaccinated. The time has come for the Government to deliver more than speculative promises. Everyone deserves clear solutions to the problems. 

The One Bermuda Alliance implores the Government to consider the following: 

  • Do not force travellers to stay in a Government quarantine facility, and if it’s mandatory, there should not be a cost attached 
  • Reduce the number of times a visitor has to take a Covid test while on island 
  • Vaccinated visitors only required to have a negative pre-departure test and a test on arrival at LF Wade International 
  • Exemption application continues and event organisers limited to outdoor venues 
  • Event organisers submit guest list for potential contact tracing 
  • All guests present Safekey before joining the event 
  • End the curfew. It does not serve any purpose to the people of Bermuda 

The 14-day quarantine is one of the major factors causing frustration and anxiety to the people of Bermuda. The vast majority of people in Bermuda follow the rules so we should respect their freedom and trust them to go about their everyday lives. 

If people are on the 14-day quarantine at home, they need to be monitored closely to make sure they are following the order.  If that person breaks the quarantine, that is when tighter rules should be enforced.  

With a popular boating weekend just days away, the One Bermuda Alliance believes the raft up restriction needs to be revisited. This restriction simply does not make sense. 

Currently, only 10 people are allowed per boat. They can still gather in the water. Either you are telling people they should not socialise (keep everything closed) or you are opening up. If you can have 50 people in a gathering on land, the raft up restriction should no longer apply. 

The people of Bermuda deserve clarity and the time has come for us as a country to get back to business.