The following statement was released on April 3, by Opposition SenatorRobin Tucker – One Bermuda Alliance…

You can call the police to report a person disturbing the peace but when feral roosters are crowing all night, you’re on your own!    

When attempting to report the problem to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources the automated response indicates it doesn’t have the resources to assist. 

In addition to disturbing a peaceful night’s sleep, chickens are eating farmers’ fruits and vegetables intended for our tables, and reportedly costing them tens of thousands of dollars in losses.  In addition, these nuisances are pulling out trash awaiting a weekly pickup and contributing to our rodent problem.  

The Feral Chicken Management Plan currently on the Government website is 10 years old, so can Minister Roban or the Department of Environment and Natural Resources please let the public know what the plan is to address this longtime problem on the island?  At the rate that chickens reproduce, the disruption they cause and the destruction to our food supply, ignoring them is simply not an option.