The following statement was released today (Mar 16) by One Bermuda Alliance MP, Susan Jackson, Shadow Minister of Transport…

When a prominent investment company recognizes the future potential for Bermuda’s new award-winning international airport, we should welcome their desire to help us build a better Bermuda. Connor, Clark and Lunn (CC&L) have done the research. They’re excited by the performance of the airport’s operations and are positive the airport has a bright future.  

The government should be welcoming them with open arms to build a better future for our Island, with more flights to more places, and more tourists to our shores. The fact that the Government is critical just shows they did not have anything to do with securing this investment.

Our airport is first rate.  It was built without Bermuda having to borrow money and add further to the national debt. We should be proud of what Bermudians accomplished.

Bermuda’s government should be working to build on the success of our new airport.  We now have a strong foundation to attract more planes flying to more places.

The success of our airport enables Bermudians to travel for work and play and help grow tourist arrivals to our Island to boost our tourism industry, which needs all the support it can get.CC&L is a testament to Bermuda as a “vote of confidence” in our future. Bermuda is and remains a strong jurisdiction for investment.

It’s great to see a prominent investment company wanting to invest in the future success of our airport. This is the kind of news Bermuda has been waiting for, foreign investment with confidence in our future prosperity.