Bermuda Real has yet to receive an official response to our exclusive report published yesterday that a senior crown counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers is being investigated for alleged improper conduct.

The complaint, refiled by Colleen Williams involves $400,000 in cash left in the accounts managed by Myron Simmons of the now defunct law firm Lightbourne and Simmons.

At last a Government spokesman said a statement may be pending later today.

But a spokesperson for the Opposition said today: “The One Bermuda Alliance is alarmed about recent revelations regarding a senior Crown Counsel within the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“The person in question is married to the Attorney General. Serious allegations of wrongdoing have been made against him while working at a practice bearing the name of the AG’s name.

“The people of Bermuda deserve to know whether this Government is truly committed to tackling corruption. Transparency and accountability must be expected of those that work within the highest ranks of Government.”

Ms Williams told Bermuda real that $100,000 was set aside in escrow for her daughter’s education. When asked by Mr Simmons to lend him the remaining $300,000 she did.

She also provided a documented paper trail in a file that contains a Promissory Note, dated and signed by Myron Simmons and a witness, in addition to bank statements on the accounts involved and both complaints to the Bermuda Bar Association.

Since this story was published, Bermuda Real has been flooded with emails, messages via social media and phone calls by former clients making similar allegations regarding Lightbourne and Simmons.

It would appear that this story is far from over – stay tuned!