An area of road in St David’s, that was the scene of a single vehicle accident earlier this week, “was the direct result of the poor road surface conditions”.

This from political hopeful, Elizabeth Deacon, the adopted candidate for the One Bermuda Alliance, for Constituency 4, St George’s South.

In a statement released on Friday (Mar 15), Ms Deacon said the area of road was a “frequent accident spot”, coupled with “poor road surface conditions” across the island.

“Our dangerously underfunded roads not just risk costing lives, but the precious time and resources of our similarly underfunded emergency services,” said Ms Deacon.

“Investing in our infrastructure is one of the most basic tasks of Government and the One Bermuda Alliance once again calls for the Government to step up and get it,” she added.

Police responded to a single vehicle car collision on Thursday (Mar 14), involving a 66-year-old St George’s woman, who went off the road.

The accident occurred on St David’s Road in the vicinity of Stocks Road.

“Early information indicates that a car driven by a 66-year-old St. George’s woman went off the road, at the corner near Stocks Harbour,” a police spokesman said.

“The incident happened in front of a police officer driving in the area, who immediately stopped his vehicle and entered the water to render assistance until the arrival of Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) personnel.”

Thankfully, the female driver was not seriously injured. She was treated for a hand injury at the scene by EMTs.

Witnesses were urged to contact Constable Rhonda Pitt on 717-2120, or email