The following statement was released today by Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson… 

In these times of unprecedented hardship for everyday Bermudians, it is unacceptable for the current Government to do nothing and point fingers at Belco and the Regulatory Authority as prices skyrocket.

Principled leadership requires delivering solutions. Everyday Bermudians deserve principled leadership.

In September, the PLP recalled Parliament for a special sitting to deal with, among other things, classic cars. The Belco fuel increase is far more urgent.

The time is now for Premier Burt to recall Parliament to legislate a reduction in the Belco FAR increase.

The OBA will support the PLP to enact this solution.

And the Government should use this opportunity to immediately meet with Belco and negotiate an outcome that considers the current economic hardship impacting all Bermudians.

Let’s stop with the blame game and get this done.