The following statement was released by One Bermuda Alliance Senator Douglas DeCouto…

Recently, we learned Bermuda got slammed by a massive cyberattack, compromising Government systems and throwing everything into disarray.  

So where is Premier David Burt?  

After a hastily convened press conference on Thursday, with a pantomime performance with the Premier saying nothing, David Burt headed to the airport.  He chose to be off Island.  Missing in action.   

Not only did Premier Burt desert his team in their hour of need, the Premier also skipped out on Parliament.  Despite having recalled the House for an irregular sitting, the Premier did not even attend.

As a result, the PLP’s Motion on Independence was postponed, legislation was carried over, and Parliament ended up being recalled only to debate a single bill: on classic motor cars.

Is that what this Government thinks is the solution to our problems?  

We are in a time of national crisis.  We have Bermudians leaving the Island, with a shrinking population.  We face increasing costs of food and electricity.  We have unimpressive tourism numbers, millions of dollars invested in a casino industry that has yet to open.  We have diminished housing stock and unaffordable healthcare.  We have troubled education reform and shuttered businesses.  We have unsustainable pension obligations and over $3 billion in debt.  For good measure, throw in our crumbling infrastructure.  

Yet with this latest cyber threat, the Premier flies away, deserting his team, leaving others to clean up the mess.  

Remember, this is a Premier who used to boast about his IT expertise.   

When the going gets tough, someone else is left to make sure Bermuda’s public sector workers get paid.  That is not principled leadership.  

The Opposition previously warned that David Burt was merely a part-time Finance Minister.

Worse, Bermuda now has a part-time Premier.