The Shadow Minister of Tourism and Public Works, Craig Cannonier recently took aim at his parliamentary counterpart, for the virtual silence on the current status of the proposed hotel redevelopment project.

In his Budget repsonse as Shadow Minister for the island’s tourism industry, the Opposition MP reiterated that fact that “with this Government over the last five years we have yet to see a new hotel come to fruition”.

“Trying to get information from the Government is like pulling teeth on this particular project. And this can no longer be,” he said.

“I did not hear from the Minister that we are going to be getting more information concerning Southampton Princess.

“We raced through legislation to get it to the table so that we could get Southampton Princess going and still to this day we have no idea on a completion of that time.

“Now understand that affects taxi drivers, that affects tour guides, that affects people who are going to be working in the hotel of Southampton Princess.

We said it’s going to be around five to six thousand people, we’re now hearing 700 employees, all these folks are not working right now and they’re looking for jobs.

“We are in critical condition.”