The following statement was released by Opposition Senator Dwayne Robinson…

Bermuda was hit with a crippling cyberattack last September and the Government of Bermuda is yet to confirm with the public whether personal data was compromised. 

The One Bermuda Alliance has repeatedly called for the Government to give the people of Bermuda the answers they deserve. The last time we tried to seek a clear response, the Government Senate Leader stymied Opposition Senator Doug DeCouto citing order 65 (4) F of the Senate’s standing orders, which states that a question shall not seek information about any matter which is of its nature secret. 

Cyber attack or computer crime hacking password on a dark background.

I understand why the Government must keep the particulars of the investigation a secret. However, people have the right to know if their personal data was exposed. Are all Government services fully operational at this time? Has the cost of combatting the cyber attack exceeded the estimated $5 million listed in the Fiscal Responsibility’s panel report? Has there been a ransom paid, and if so, how much? 

These questions remain unanswered and should not affect the investigation in any way. The Premier stated in October that a parliamentary committee will be formed to investigate the attack; where is the progress on this? A parliamentary committee is not the method the One Bermuda Alliance agrees with but an inquiry of some sort needs to happen urgently. 

A statement from the Government assured Bermudians that a full inquiry will be made, and the findings will be made public. A welcomed pledge however without any concrete dates or movement on the parliamentary committee formation, it’s simply lip service.