• The following article was published on the PLP Website today, Friday, January 19, 2018

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party (PLP) will remain focused on the issues of the people that catapulted us into power with the largest majority since the Constitutional Conference of 1979.

The One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) is in a desperate situation to make themselves relevant. So much so that they are now fixated on the planned splitting of the duties of the Cabinet Secretary and the Head of the Civil Service.

Why should the PLP follow or accept the OBA status quo that clearly failed the Bermudian people and caused them to be unceremoniously dumped by the electorate? It is Premier Hon David Burt and his Cabinet who must be comfortable with the changes in the way government functions.

Lest we forget that the PLP Government is currently preparing to deliver its FIRST Budget as the new government. Yet we have the former leader of the OBA & UBP, who twice led political parties to electoral slaughter, still trying to lead his fledgling party.

With the reading of the Budget less than a month away we in the PLP are charting a new fiscal and social direction for Bermuda.

The OBA’s policies failed Bermudians miserably and a change in direction is not only needed but it is what the people voted for overwhelmingly six months ago. Unfortunately, those at the forefront of the  OBA’s oppressive reign are still trying to derail the PLP from the outset.

We shall remain steadfast in our quest to deliver a Bermuda that works for all Bermudians and redresses the 4.5 year OBA nightmare that our people endured.

The attack by the OBA is nothing more than a futile attempt to grasp a headline and to try and take the people’s attention from the  PLP Government’s task to deliver on our election promises.

Friday, January 19, 2018