The following statement was released by One Bermuda Alliance MP, Michael Dunkley, Shadow Minister of National Security…

The Minister of National Security and the Department of Corrections owe the people of Bermuda an explanation. How was Antoine Anderson able to escape from custody while at an East End correctional institution and how did he elude authorities for hours? How did this security breach occur? Was the escape abetted?

This is totally unacceptable as it’s clear that someone or persons have dropped the ball.

The One Bermuda Alliance believes that prisoners can and should be rehabilitated, but we cannot ignore the fact that Mr Anderson was jailed for murder in 2009 and a repeat violent offender, with a serious incident while incarcerated. No doubt his brief disappearance has caused angst in the community.

The community needs to be assured that this won’t happen again and a full report on this concerning breach needs to be made public by the Minister and Department of Corrections.