News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda – The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased to announce Carl Neblett as the approved candidate for Constituency 36, Sandy’s North.

Carl D Neblett, LSM, QGJM, QDJM, is the Managing Director and co-founder of SKANNA Security Systems and Investigations Limited, an up-and-coming security company that offers a selection of security services in Bermuda.  

Before taking up residency in Bermuda, Carl served in the Barbados Defense Force, the Royal Barbados Police Force as a Detective in the Central Drug Squad Unit. Carl arrived in Bermuda in 1988, and served in the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) in varying areas of the organisation, which included, the Central Burglary Team, the Narcotics Department, the Emergency Response Team, Traffic Department, the Motorcycle Police Section (MCPS) as it was known, Western CID, Special Branch PAU, the Joint Importation Unit, the Serious Crime Unit and concluded his exemplary career in the Central Criminal Investigations Unit.

During his tenure, he has received, Commissioner’s Commendations, Merit Awards, Recognition Awards, certificates and letters of good work, a heroes award, and was recognised by the BPS and the Bermuda Police Association for his dedication, commitment, and exemplary work to the rank and file, as the longest serving member and Chairman of the Bermuda Police Association (BPA). 

Carl has also served on the Superannuation Board, the Pensions Board, and the Health and Organisation Safety Committee to name a few. 

One of the highlights of his career is representing Bermuda at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. He along with four other Police officers were selected to serve as Commanders at the Olympics, which involved intensive training from the US Secret Service, the Georgia State Olympic Law Enforcement Commission (SOLEC) and from the Georgia Association Chiefs of Police. 

He retired from the BPS six and a half years ago, having completed 35 years of service combined, to become an entrepreneur.  

Carl has also served on the Barbados Association of Bermuda (BAOB) in varying capacities and was elected the President of the Association, where prior to taking up the mantle of the position he was recognised by the BAOB with a lifetime achievement award for his illustrious service to Bermuda.  

During Carl’s spare time, he has committed himself to the Bermuda Bodybuilding fraternity where he served on the Bermuda Bodybuilding Association, competed, was a personal trainer, and in 2021, he became one of the four qualified IFBB/NPC judges on the island.  

Carl’s hobbies are reading, watching movies, attending formula #1 racing, attending the Olympia contest, bodybuilding, walking, but most of all traveling. 

Elizabeth Deacon as the approved candidate for Constituency 4, St George’s South.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Bermuda and comes from a long line of Bermudian family doctors. 

She attended school in Bermuda and gained a BA in French and Russian from the University of Exeter in the UK before returning to Bermuda to work as a journalist. She continued her career in public relations and communications in the UK before moving back to Bermuda in 2006 to work as a senior member of the communications team at PartnerRe.

The married mother of two returned to Bermuda so her children could experience a Bermuda childhood and the benefits of growing up in a close community.

As a working woman and a mother, Elizabeth is concerned about the enormous debt Bermuda continues to accumulate under the present government and the burden that will create for future generations. 

During the Covid lockdown, she volunteered in St David’s handing out meals and groceries. She experienced firsthand how vulnerable many people in Bermuda are and how dependent they are on the third sector to get by and she would like a more robust safety net for Bermudians who fall on hard times.

Elizabeth would like to see every child in Bermuda receive a world-class education. While a number of Bermudians are building their careers the business sector, she would like to see more graduates from the public education system achieving successful careers in international business.

At a neighborhood level, she would like Government to be more responsive to residents’ issues, whether noise and air pollution from the private jet facility at Southside, concerns about bio-hazardous waste in St. David’s or dust and noise from quarries at Coney Island. She believes strongly that people deserve accountability from Government and to have their concerns addressed.

Lastly, she believes strongly in the values of the OBA: diversity, integrity and fiscal responsibility for social fairness.