The following statement was released on Friday (Oct 21) by Opposition Leader Cole Simons – One Bermuda Alliance…

The delegates have now spoken, but have the people?

Now that Premier David Burt has survived the leadership challenge within the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, what does this mean for the country?

It’s no secret. Most of the country is dissatisfied with the state of affairs in Bermuda. The leadership challenge offered many a ray of hope for a better tomorrow if Mr Dickinson won.

But 97 delegates made a choice that all of Bermuda must live with—another four years with David Burt if an election is not called.

Leading up to last night’s vote, there were assertions made about the state of our island. They cannot be ignored.

It begs the question, will we be in a better place with Premier Burt? It’s difficult to envision as we’ve been under his guard for five years and his leadership has resulted in very little improvement for Bermuda and its people.

It’s imperative that our state of affairs improve, and quickly. If not Bermuda will be clawing for its future.

The One Bermuda Alliance believes in a leadership which cares about all its people, not just a faction; we believe that integrity must be infused in everything that is done for the betterment of the country and its people and most importantly we must regain a Bermuda which was prosperous for all.