New York Daily News: ALBANY, NY — More than half a million New Yorkers in the five boroughs remain out of work as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the city’s economic recovery.

Data released Tuesday by the state Labor Department reveals that 538,694, or 14 percent, of city residents were unemployed in September.

A year earlier, the unemployment rate in the city was 3.5 percent.

The September figure, while frightening, is actually an improvement as the city saw 16 percent unemployment in August and more than 20 percent back in June.

The speed of the recovery has been slower in the Bronx, which had the highest number of jobless residents in the city, as well as the state, with 18.8% of the borough out of work during September.

The state notes that the statistics aren’t “seasonally adjusted, which means they reflect seasonal influences (e.g. holiday and summer hires).”

Overall the Empire State’s unemployment rate decreased from 12.5% in August to 9.7 percent in September, which Governor Cuomo touted on Monday.

“The unemployment rate in the state is something to notice,” the governor said. “It was as high as 16% during the pandemic. It’s now down to 9.7 percent. So, that is also very good news.

“We have a long way to go but it’s moving in the right direction so that is good news,” he added.

  • Top Feature Photo: People receive food at the Thessalonica Christian Church during a distribution on October 17, 2020 in New York City. With many residents unable to afford health care and being home to a significant amount of front-line workers, the Bronx has the highest COVID-19 death rate in New York City – Spencer Platt/Getty Images