All roads will lead to Barnard’s Park on Sunday, where the North Village Community Club (NVCC) a new twist to ‘Sunday Football’ at its first home season opener.

In the first-ever initiative of its kind, NVCC will partner with Soul Food Promotions and ‘De Fun Zone’ to mix mobile entertainment with the island’s love of sports.

While the official BFA game between Rams and the Blazers, will take place on the field, a match-up of a different kind will be unfolding from 3pm – 5pm, where, for a cost of $10, a variety of interactive activities and games such as PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and Car Tracks will be organized for the young people who love the technology side. But it doesn’t stop there.

Old favourite board games such as Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, Scrabble and Pictionary will be on hand for the ‘Young-At-Heart’, who want to brush up on their skills and take a trip down memory lane.

A NVCC spokesperson said: “Our Butterfield and Vallis Education Centre (BVEC) will be transformed into a space where our young people can have fun in a safe, healthy environment. Our adult members can also join in, test their skills on the technology-based games or introduce the younger folks to the more traditional activities.

‘De Fun Zone’ Manager, Lynwood Richardson, also known as ‘Brotha Richie’ is looking forward to the day with great anticipation because this is the first time that a football club has engaged with ‘De Zone’ in such a meaningful way.

“It is always our goal to bring the fun and we will be bringing the fun to NVCC on Sunday,” he said. 

He also noted that this inaugural event highlights the commonality that Soul Food Promotions and North Village share – love of community and consistent hard work to impact people in a positive way.

NVCC Vice President, Allan Young thanked the Fundraising Committee for their hard work. He noted that the team always tries to step outside of the box and create something new.

As innovation and fresh ideas are a part of the North Village heritage, he said, this was no different. 

Moving forward, he said: “The goal will be to engage the young people in a safe and enjoyable environment. Parents will be able to enjoy the game with family and friends, knowing that their children are in a safe and productive environment.”