Michael Weeks, Minister of Social Development & Sports

The Department of Child and Family Services has shut down a nursery as a precaution after a 12-month-old baby boy suffered a serious head injury and was airlifted overseas for further treatment.

Minister of Social Development and Sports, Michael Weeks, while making the announcement yesterday, said it was still to early to tell whether or not the child’s injury happened at the nursery.

Although he refused to name the nursery involved, he said “a few” previous incidents occurred there.

“Once the police have finished their investigation, then we’ll see where we go from there,” said Mr Weeks.

The Minister noted that he was told the child was not behaving normally when he was picked up by his parents last Friday.

The Department of Child and Family Services was contacted after the infant was taken to the hospital and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

“We have not determined yet if his injury occurred at school or at home, but better to err on the side of caution,” said Mr Weeks.

A letter was hand-delivered to the nursery yesterday ordering it to “cease operation until the completion of a police investigation”.

“The Department of Child and Family Services takes these matters extremely seriously; the safety of our children is always our main priority,” the Minister said.

The shut down affects 29 children, whose parents now have to make other arrangements for daycare.

According to the latest update, the Minister said the child’s condition has improved but he has yet to speak with the child’s parents.

No details were released on where the baby boy is being treated.