News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Minister for the Cabinet Office Wayne Furbert, released the November 2019 Labour Force Survey Report from the Department of Statistics on Sunday.

The Report contains selected economic activity indicators from November 2018 to November 2019. The public is advised to read pages one through eight prior to reviewing the data.

Highlights from the November 2019 Labour Force Survey Report include:

  1. The labour force stood at 37,142 persons
  2. The working population reached 35,748 persons
  3. Among the working population 5,570 persons were underemployed
  4. The employment rate was 78.7%
  5. The average hours worked per week was 41.1
  6. The number of unemployed persons stood at 1,394
  7. The unemployment rate was 3.8%
  8. The unemployment rate for Bermudians was 4.4%
  9. The economically inactive population was 17,003 persons

The November 2019 Labour Force Survey Report is available online at