Three years into a five-year term that started with a pledge to create 2,000 jobs in five years, Labour and Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy maintains the One Bermuda Alliance Government has planted the seeds to create an environment to achieve that goal.

But he admits there is still much work to be done to get Bermudians back to work, particularly for 16 to 24-year-olds who make up the largest unemployed group in Bermuda. In an extensive Bermuda Real interview, Senator Fahy said record youth unemployment is simply “unacceptable”.

While noting his party’s pre-election promises, he also discussed plans to give absentee ballots to students studying at recognized institutions abroad. But he strongly denied public criticism that it’s a plot to stack the deck in the OBAs favour in the next general election.

Responding to questions fielded by Ceola Wilson, the Minister said the decision to exclude Bermudians living permanently abroad from voting is due solely to the country’s existing laws and nothing else.

By Ceola Wilson