Two Government Ministries confirmed reports that surfaced on a radio talk show today, that campers will not be allowed to camp out at Fort St Catherine Beach in St George’s.

A number of residents called the Sherri Simmons Show to say they were informed by the Parks Department that camping permits will not be issued for the popular site.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, a spokeswoman released a joint statement by the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of the Environment.

The area in question “is part of the land that has been leased to the developer” of the new hotel, “and is now part of a construction site as the new public road is being constructed”.

“Ultimately, the site will no longer be available for camping as the hotel will be built on the site,” she said. “Members of the public will continue to have access to the beach at Fort St Catherine.”

She also noted that “an Environmental Impact Report included in the planning application for the development in August 2016 stated clearly: ‘There are no indications that access to any part of the beach will be prevented. The formalizing of beach access arrangements will provide reassurance that public access is available’,” she added. But for the time being, there will be no camping allowed at Fort St Catherine Beach.