On Tuesday, December 6, another young, Black Bermudian man’s name was added to the list of murder victims, whose lives were cut short by the brutal violence of murder in Bermuda.

The fatal shooting of 20-year-old Keni Outerbridge, marked the 9th murder committed here on island, so far this year. And we still have just over three more weeks before the New Year rolls in.

Speaking at a news conference held yesterday (Dec 7), police confirmed that this latest shooting was in fact, a gang-related gun murder that was planned and directly linked to an Ord Road Crew in Paget – another gruesome fact based on the geographical location of the fatal shooting alone.

The victim, also known as Loppi, was targeted while attended a party with friends, at a property on No 5 Tribe Road in the Ord Road area known as ‘Back Bush’.

His assailants, said to be two men, walked up to him on foot and left the scene the same way.

Outerbridge sustained multiple gunshot wounds that later claimed his life on that fateful night at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

It would be nearly three months before his death, followed the murder of another young Bermudian male, who was only 16, and just days away from returning back to school from the summer break earlier this year.

Kanye Ford was stabbed to death in an altercation at the Horseshoe Bay car park, during a beach party, on September 9.

The fight was said to be over a cell phone that reportedly had gone missing. When all was said and done, as it turns out, that was not the case – the phone was not missing.

All this during another year of bloodshed in Bermuda’s Black community, on a small island led by a government that maintains, if not, insists, that this ongoing spate of violent deaths is affecting the entire community!

To some degree, perhaps it is, but are the casualties of this senseless violence causing death representative of the actual make-up of the diversity of the island’s population?

A quick glance of the murder victims whose lives were snuffed out before their time this year would show that all of them were Black Bermudian men – not White, Portuguese or of any other descent.

More often than not, the victims were killed by someone who looked just like them!

When you look at the death toll – all you see are Black families, mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives and friends burying their sons, their loved ones – nobody else?

It was a year that started with the cold=blooded murder committed in broad daylight on February 2, on the field at Shelly Bay, where Daemon Bell lost his life, forever changing the lives of the loved ones left behind.

A wife, a family, the Department of Corrections family, whose lives will never be the same. A life allegedly taken by a former inmate, now back in custody in a prison Daemon Bell will never work in again!

In April, the lifeless body of Laje Franklin, 18, was found near Clearwater Beach in St David’s on April 5.

He was fatally shot and left for dead in the street overnight until his body was discovered by an early morning walker the next morning.

Police say he was lured to the area by someone, or people he knew.

Two days later, Che Jennings, 24, was fatally shot outside Warwick Workmen’s Club during a family oriented event on April 7.

The following month, on May 4, the body of Keyoshe Robinson, 22, was found on St George’s golf course with fatal gunshot wounds.

On June 11, Keith Gordon, 70, was found dead in his Hamilton residence, the day after an altercation on Victoria Street.

Police responded to another fatal shooting on July 1, which claimed the life of Latrae Doeman, 19, in Flatts Village, in what police described as a drive-by shooting.

The following month, on August 20, Marcus Wilson, 30 was stabbed to death in an altercation that occurred on Astwood Walk in Warwick.

Kanye Ford, 16 was stabbed to death on September 9, marking the last murder committed before the ninth murder this year, which was committed on Tuesday night.

In recent months, once again, we’ve heard much to do about the core issues that lead to gang violence in Bermuda.

We know who it’s affecting directly, and the social impact left on the families of murder victims to bear, including their fatherless children.

We already know that every single aspect of gang violence, anti-social behavior and the problems associated with it, are all directly linked to ECONOMICS!

When you keep jumping over or sweeping the REAL ISSUES under that infamous carpet, what you will find out simply in the end will be the fact that only the INSANITY of it all continues.

How many times exactly, do we keep repeating the same behavior expecting different results?

How many times will we keep hearing that the MINISTRY OF MISEDUCATION continues to FAIL our children – SCRATCH THAT & Make That Our BLACK CHILDREN?

When you say ‘Black Lives Matter’, how much is a BLACK MALE’S LIFE WORTH In Bermuda exactly?

Is ir worth the $80,000+ we spend housing each inmate in our prisons every year? Would that money not be better spent on the front end of childhood development as opposed to the back end?

Where I come from, I know young Black males in Bermuda are associated with so-called friends, who have the ability and means to get them killed!

And then there’s the desensitised community sitting back asking: “When will it all just stop!”

But in reality, it won’t just stop!

Realistically, until we take a hardcore look at the reality of ECONOMICS in the two, three, four, or maybe even more Bermudas in the mindset the SURVIVAL By Any Means Necessary mode, nothing will change.

And if you still don’t think what we’re seeing playing out in the streets has anything to do with ECONOMICS – ask yourself this one question:

When was the last time you heard of the global recession, the global pandemic or the current state of global affairs, including the impact of the cost of living on the third pillar of Bermuda’s economy?

Not even the DRUG TRADE Runs on CRYPTO CURRENCY! It’s all about that cash money!

Somebody needs to go tell Premier David Burt and all his SMURFS, including the elusive Pastor Leroy Bean, now coming up on $500,000 in friends and family salary benefits, that whatever it is they’re doing, as the death toll keeps on ticking upwards annually, is not working!

Premier David Burt

And then there’s loose words forever thrown around so loosely, called accountability and transparency!

Don’t you think it’s TIME to Give Your Taxpaying Citizens a Pastor Leroy Bean salary break and cut the bull crap? What bang for our buck are we getting exactly, besides more bangs from more gun shots?

Based on all his behind the scenes work with no real results immediately visible out front, what are we paying him to do exactly, and for what?

Go ask your MP or your Premier if they have heard you, the people yet, or did they miss it?

National Security Minister Wayne Caines & Pastor Leroy Bean

The taxpayers want a freaking break and a REFUND on Pastor Leroy Bean’s stint!

Frankly, you should have gotten rid of him when you got rid of the Minister who appointed him! And that would be Wayne Caines – never mind his ‘Titty Milk’ debacle or that unforgettable video of him dancing in those tight red pants on tabletops at Zane DeSilva’s Blu Party fiasco, during that infamous COVID lockdown.

What a bunch of Self-Serving CLOWNS YOU ARE!


Ceola Wilson, Executive Producer, BermudaReal.com