Making Waves made a few waves this year, in their 21st official lobster tournament, when Nigel Davies landed his record breaking lobster.

As it turns out, the 12.lbs 5 oz crustacean broke the previous record for the biggest catch by one pound.

“We also came first as a team with 47 lbs 10 oz, and my captain, Josh Crockwell, got the second biggest lobster, I think it was 7 lb 8oz,”

Without “True Bermuda and Josh,” he said: “It would not be possible without the team and my diving sense – LOL!”

About 100 divers participated in the tournament this year, which was co-sponsored by Goslings, Maui Jim sunglasses and Spar Yard Marine Solutions.

Lobster Terriers took top honours as the top boat team, True Bermuda placed second with Ponyo placing third and Loose Noose place fourth.

Joshua Crockwell, Scott Amos and Tom Steinhoff were among the top male winners while Rachel Wilks, Laura Law, Chelsea Trott and Natalie Dryli were the top female winners.

It is often said, the bigger the lobster – the tougher the meat. Asked how the record-breaking lobster turned out on the dinner table, Mr Davies replied: “I didn’t eat the trophy I gave it to my captain Josh – he taught me all I know.

Guess we’ll have to catch up with Josh to find out the answer to the taste-test question.

In any case, congratulations! And special thanks to your father for providing with the link!