New York Daily News: ALBANY — New York is easing COVID quarantine rules for travelers entering the state from elsewhere in the U.S. Travelers will longer be required to self-isolate if they’re coming from another U.S. state or territory starting April 1.

However, the Department of Health still recommends quarantine after domestic travel as an added precaution.

Mandatory quarantine remains in effect for international travelers and anyone entering the Empire State is still required to fill out a contact form and adhere to other coronavirus safety guidelines.

Gov Cuomo has continuously relaxed COVID-related measures in recent weeks as case numbers and hospitalizations drop.

“New Yorkers have shown strength and perseverance throughout this entire pandemic, and it shows through the numbers that continue to decrease every day,” the governor said in a statement. “As we work to build our vaccination infrastructure even further and get more shots in arms, we’re making significant progress in winning the footrace between the infection rate and the vaccination rate, allowing us to open new sectors of our economy and start our transition to a new normal in a post-pandemic world.”

Critics, including Mayor de Blasio, have questioned some of the rollbacks as COVID variants continue to spread.

De Blasio, when asked about the new travel rules, said city officials were not consulted on the change before Cuomo’s announcement Thursday morning.

“Of course, I have concerns about this,” he said. “I think the introduction of the virus from outside has been one of the biggest and toughest X factors this whole crisis, and something we worry about very much going forward.”

Dr Jay Varma, senior health adviser to the mayor said the city and state are “still at a very tenuous point.” He also noted that roughly 51 percent of coronavirus cases in the five boroughs were recently found to be new, more infectious strains.

“We do feel very strongly that it’s important for us to be as cautious as we possibly can and we know that one of the ways to help reduce infection is to limit the amount of travel that’s going in and out of the city,” Varma said.

  • Top Feature Photo: A sign outside the baggage claim area of Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport – Kathy Willens/AP