New York Daily News: MANHATTAN, By Peter Sblendorio – Wicked wind chill is bearing down on New York.

Temperatures in the city are expected to approach single digits Friday into Saturday, with powerful winds making it feel even colder, meteorologists say.

The freezing conditions are the result of an Arctic front coming from Canada that’s expected to hit the five boroughs by early Friday morning.

“It’s going to be pretty brutal out there,” Tom Kines, a senior meteorologist for AccuWeather, told the Daily News. “This Arctic air that’s headed our way means business and it’s nothing to fool around with.”

Grassy areas are partially covered with snow powder early Wednesday in Central Park.
Grassy areas are partially covered with snow powder early Wednesday in Central Park – Luiz C. Ribeiro/for New York Daily News

Winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour will likely accompany temperatures starting in the mid-to-upper 20s at sunrise Friday and dropping by the evening. The temperatures in suburban areas could approach zero, Kines said.

“With that wind blowing, it’s going to feel like it’s anywhere from 5-below to 25-below,” Kines said. “If you have to be outside, you’ve got to cover up. You have to protect your skin from any frostbite.”

The temperatures will be similar to the frigid conditions New Yorkers experienced right before Christmas, but the winds likely won’t be as strong as the ones in December. Saturday is expected to be less windy than Friday, though the sub-freezing temperatures will be similar.

Friday’s freeze could include snow flurries in the morning, but not enough to badly affect the roads or travel plans, Kines said.

“On Sunday, it gets much milder. Not quite Speedo weather yet, but temperatures are up into the 40s,” Kines said. “That’s a big turnaround. … It’s a quick shot of cold air, but it means business when it gets here.”

The front will be even more intense in northern New England, which is bracing for weather feeling as cold as minus-40 or minus-50, forecasters say.

The conditions are unrelated to the winter storms that hampered Texas and other states this week. Those storms arrived Monday and coated roads with ice, leaving hundreds of thousands of Texans without power and canceling thousands of flights.

On Wednesday, New York City recorded its first measurable snowfall in 328 days, with 0.4 inches accumulating in Central Park. It set a new record for latest day of winter with the city’s first snow accumulation.