A new video produced by J-irie for Caribbean Lifestyle, lists Bermuda’s Premier, David Burt as the fourth richest in the ‘Top 10 Wealthiest Caribbean Political Leaders of 2023, with a net value of US$47.8 million.

The report states: “While the finances of political leaders worldwide are a bit of a hot topic, and information is often hard to retrieve, we tried to create a realistic and accurate list for you, of the top 10 Wealthiest Caribbean Political Leaders based on their current net worth. Most of you might have a pretty good idea, thinking not only of the political efforts of our leaders but also their entrepreneurship, inherited assets, and commercial power.

“The fluctuation in their net worth, especially over the last couple of years and their unprecedented economic regression, has been huge, but these 10 political leaders keep going strong. It is true that the assets and possessions of wealthy people are generally well-kept secrets, mostly for their own safety, so it is possible that we overlooked some, but allow us to present you with our most accurate statistic based on publicly available information.”