News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Department of Parks reminds the public that access to the new Railway Trail Bridge over Flatt’s Inlet remains off-limits to the general public as the area is a construction site and installation of the bridge is not complete.

The Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail have erected scaffolding to access the bridge and install the bridge deck planks. This access is restricted to the site volunteers and workers ONLY.

Once the bridge is fully constructed and signed off as safe and ready for use, the general public will be informed when the bridge is open for access. This is anticipated for Springtime 2021.

Until such time, and subject to the necessary approvals and Bermuda National Park Regulations, we urge the public to refrain from accessing the bridge for any reason.

Also as a reminder, the use of all bridges for fishing and diving is strictly PROHIBITED.

The Department of Parks thanks the public for their cooperation and understanding.