News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Tomorrow’s Voices, Bermuda’s only Autism early intervention center, proudly announces a strategic growth plan in celebration of its 17th year of service. This includes key leadership promotions and international recognition at the 50th annual Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) conference.

“Effective immediately, Rachel Hayward has been promoted to Senior Verbal Behavior Therapist, and Dr Jahnae Harvey assumes the role of Executive Director. These promotions reflect Tomorrow’s Voices’ commitment to excellence and its dedication to serving the community.

Previously, Ms Hayward held the position of Intermediate Verbal Behavior Therapist with the organization where she worked directly with clients and supported Tomorrow’s Voices senior clinical team, while Dr Harvey served as the Senior Therapist and led clinical services and programme development tailored to Bermuda’s unique community.

In addition to these exciting leadership changes, Dr Harvey successfully presented her research at the ABAI conference in Philadelphia on May 25, 2024. Utilizing Bermudian participants, her research highlighted innovative approaches and successes achieved within the local community.

Dr Harvey’s research topic focused on establishing novel reinforcers for individuals who have a limited bank of reinforcers as a way to 1] increase quality of life; and 2] increase motivation for acquiring and maintaining new skills. Participation at this conference provided a unique opportunity for Bermuda to be recognized on an international platform, showcasing the island’s commitment to excellence in the field of psychology and applied behavior analysis.”

“Presenting at the ABAI conference was an opportunity for Bermuda to be recognized in the field of psychology,” said Dr Harvey. “This opportunity allowed us to share the impactful work being done here on our island and to engage with international colleagues, furthering our mission to provide the best possible care for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in Bermuda.”

In addition to Dr Harvey presenting research, both Dr Harvey and Ms Hayward attended the ABAI conference at large from May 25 – May 27 as a professional development opportunity. While at the conference the pair not only represented Bermuda and Tomorrow’s Voices, but also represented the Bermuda Association of Behavior Analysis [BABA], a Bermudian Chapter of ABAI.

Outside of the conference, Dr Harvey and Ms. Hayward embarked on on-site visits at various centres as initial steps of Tomorrow’s Voices’ strategic growth plan.

Ms. Hayward said: “Seeing a range of larger scale services, networking, and making connections with these entities was a valuable experience. It was great to see how in alignment our current services are with our international counterparts, especially as we take our initial steps in the direction of our strategic growth plan.”

She added: “In my new role as Senior Therapist, I hope to bring fresh perspectives to therapeutic programs and enhance the support structures we have in place for both our clients and families. I aim to contribute to our mission of providing exceptional care and therapy to individuals with developmental disabilities.”

Thea Furbert, co-founder and board chair noted: “The board and I are incredibly excited about the forward direction and growth of Tomorrow’s Voices. These leadership promotions and our participation in the ABAI Conference represent significant steps in our commitment to providing exceptional services and support to the autism community in Bermuda. We look forward to continuing this positive growth and achieving even greater milestones with our community.”

Tomorrow’s Voices appreciates the community’s support and looks forward to the positive impact that this will bring to the island. 

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