A new application process is now open for businesses seeking to achieve National Service Standards Certification.

According to Bermuda Tourism Authority COO, Karla Lacey, 16 local businesses have completed the official process of raising the bar on service.

“Raising the bar on service sets Bermuda apart from its competitors,” said Ms Lacey.

“It’s critically important in the visitor satisfaction equation.”

Once certified, businesses enjoy a collection of marketing benefits including:

  • Inclusion in Bermuda Tourism Authority social media and marketing content
  • Returned at the top of the list on web searches
  • Editorial coverage in visitor publications
  • Certification seal in the storefront and online to let visitors know they provide superior customer service

“Ultimately, certification of National Service Standards is designed to lead to an increase in business not only because of the heightened marketing exposure but because customers will share positive reviews online about their experience if service expectations are met,” said Ms Lacey.

“Online reviews are the new word of mouth and positive reviews help businesses to grow – particularly in travel space.”