Newly appointed Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Senator Owen Darrell denies that he was fast tracked as a non-elected Senator to a Cabinet Minister appointment because he is a part of David Burt’s friends and family clique.

He was responding to a question fielded by Bermuda Real, while speaking at a news conference on Throne Speech initiatives yesterday (Nov 16).

“I find that assertion to be rather offensive because what it does, it tends to disregard and disrespect all of the work that I have done over my career before I came into politics and also takes away the hard work that I have done in supporting the role that I have had. And if it is the desire of the leader of the Progressive Labour Party, the Premier through constitutional rights to appoint me as the leader of the Senate that would be a discussion that you should have with him.”

Asked for the record, how long he has been in politics, he replied: “As I have said in a previous interview, there are two different forms of politics. I was appointed to the Senate in 2020.”

He maintained that two years was not fast because the previous Minister had no previous political experience and he also was appointed to the Senate.

Our response to that was: “So now we have two of you!”