The Department of Public Transportation (DPT) announced this afternoon that the new public bus schedule due to go into effect on Monday, January 7, has been pushed back by two weeks to start later this month on January 21.

A spokesperson said the new date “will ensure that all relevant stakeholders and the general public are well informed of the scheduling change”.

DPT Director Roger Todd said: “,The production and dissemination of information for the public is key to this process and involves multiple entities and vendors.

“With due consideration for the public and the time required to properly communicate the new schedule, we are taking time to ensure this is done effectively.”

The schedule will be posted on the Government’s website on Monday, hard copies will be available at the Central Terminal and “other key locations” as of January 14.

Meanwhile, Bermuda Real understands bus operators have a number of issues and questions regarding the new rosters. A committee meeting was due to be held this evening to discuss their concerns.

We’ll keep you posted.