Bermuda Real has learned that the one new bus out of four that finally landed in Bermuda this week, is three inches too wide and three inches too long.

And according to our sources, they have windows have windows that fully open, unlike the small panels on the latest buses, but there’s only three windows on each side.

No word yet on whether the remaining three new buses will in fact be the same size and length, but the word is the one new bus that has arrived, is reportedly set to be licensed and cleared for Bermuda’s roads.

This news website fielded a request for a comment from either the Ministry or the Minister of Transport, Walter Roban, before publication, just before 5pm this evening.

We also asked where the new bus came from and at what cost per bus by the manufacturer. A statement may be pending.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) released another advisory this afternoon announcing another set of bus cancellations from 3:40pm through the evening rush hour, right up to 6:04pm.

One source also told Bermuda Real that the DPT does not release the full list of cancellations on any given day, and that there are more than what’s actually being published.

We’ll keep you posted.