Neletha ‘Honey’ Butterfield

Bermuda’s own, former Progressive Labour Party MP, Neletha ‘Honey’ Butterfield is back in Bermuda for three very special reasons.

Topping the list later this month is a very big celebration for CARE Learning Centre, where countless Bermudians, both young and not so young earned their GED on her watch.
On Friday, February 22, she will be asking all of those former students to join in and make a contribution to pay it forward, by donating $35 to attend the ‘Celebration of 35 Years’.
We’ll have more on that part of the story in due course. She’s also to here to launch her latest book ’17 Trailblazers Who Walked With Purpose’  on March 8, under the Bermuda Business & Professional Women’s Club in celebration of International Women’s Day.
Inside this book you will and photographs and biographies of Bermudian female trailblazers, pioneers and modern-day women who fulfilled their dreams. It presents a positive image of women who made their marks in life.
Ms Butterfield said: “These women are remarkable in their dedication and commitment to hard work and their willingness to succeed against the odds. They helped to blaze the trail for all Bermudian women to follow.
“These biographies will encourage all women to be inspired and never give up on their dreams. This biographical treasure provides a great source of professional encouragement and an invaluable service to education, politics, church, tourism, nursing, hairdressing, beauty, dress-making, business, law and community service.
“The Bermuda Business and Professional Women’s Club celebrates the contributions of these women and the founder of the club, the late Mrs. Lilian Minors. Without her vision to start a chapter in Bermuda, we would not have recorded their work and the humble sacrifices they made.
“Let their biographies and stories touch your SOUL and be a beacon to the women of Bermuda to strive, to work hard, to volunteer your services and to dedicate yourself to serve your island home.
“Thank you to the women who paved the way so that the present generation of women will be inspired with admiration, and the future generation of women will re)ect on the sacrifices they made to become successful.”
She concluded with a quote by Madame CJ Walker, who said: “I had to make my own living and my own opportunity … Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. You have to get up and make them.”
For more information, be sure to tune in to Fresh TV on Tuesday, February 5, for another Bermuda News Network exclusive with Bermuda Real. We’ll be live bright and early on Fresh TV and Facebook live. We’ll let you know the exact time as soon as it’s confirmed – stay turned.