NBC News is reporting today that Mark Dombroski, the missing teen found dead on Monday, was reportedly discovered by his own brothers, beaten and strangled in a moat in Prospect Devonshire.

More information is expected possibly later today as the forensic investigation continues, into the death of the 19-year-old US rugby player, here for a tournament with students from St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

The cause of death has yet to be revealed by police who have only stated thus far that foul play has not been ruled out.

US Teenager Mark Dombroski of Pennsylvania

The young man was officially reported missing on Sunday, and was last seen on CCTV footage showing him walking alone while looking at his cell phone after he left the Dog House on Front Street.

The NBC report said Mark’s mother, on seeing the footage, said he appeared to be walking in pain from a rugby injury.

Lisa Dombroski said her son hurt his shoulder during a game and was not feeling well. 

“He wasn’t in a celebratory kind of mood. He wanted to get back,” she said.

His body was found shortly after 4pm on Monday, in a wooded area near the Arboreteum and police headquarters in Devonshire.

Just how he became separated from family and friends, and later found dead remains a mystery.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, James Howard told reporters yesterday that the young man’s body was found in a moat roughly a mile from the bar where he was last seen by relatives and friends.

More details are pending as the investigation continues.