The Ministry of National Security has confirmed that the kitchen at Westgate Correctional Facility was closed late on Friday (June 21), “due to a collapsed ceiling resulting from a ruptured water pipe”.

In a statement released on Sunday night, a spokesman said: “The Department of Works and Engineering were immediately notified of the damage, and as of Friday night, the leak had been repaired.

“Until the use of Westgate’s kitchen can resume, meals have been prepared at the Co-Ed/Farm Facility, and the Royal Bermuda Regiment has offered their kitchen facilities for meal preparation.

“The Department of Corrections is working closely with Works and Engineering to have the repairs completed as soon as possible. A damage Assessment will take place in the next few days, and following this, we will have a realistic timeline for restoring the kitchen to normal operational levels.

“Officer and Inmate safety are of paramount importance to the Department of Corrections. To that end, our maintenance plan continues to be executed systematically, and  we have made significant progress on other facility repairs and improvements.   

“The Department of Corrections asks staff for their patience during this time and apologises for any inconvenience caused.”