The Ministry of National Security is advising that effective Monday, February 5, 2018, the Commissioner of Corrections, Lt Colonel Edward Lamb will begin a nine (9) month secondment with the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee (NAMLC).

Col Lamb will serve as the Project Manager for the NAMLC.

The public will be aware that NAMLC has been tasked with ensuring Bermuda is compliant in time for an upcoming international assessment.

During Col Lamb’s secondment, Assistant Commissioner of Corrections, Keeva Joell-Benjamin will serve as the Acting Commissioner.

A NAMLC spokesperson said: “The National Anti-Money Laundering Committee is pleased to welcome Lt Col Edward Lamb, who joins the Office of NAMLC team within the Ministry of Finance.

“Lt Col Lamb will carry out a critical role as Project Manager, to ensure that the various programmes and initiatives being driven by NAMLC are progressing smoothly, efficiently and within the targeted deadlines.

“We believe that Lt Col Lamb’s enthusiasm for this project, his discipline and boundless desire to serve his country will be great assets for the team.”