News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda “We want to draw the public’s attention to Hurricane Tammy’s potential threatto Bermuda over the next few days. It is essential for everyone to be aware and stay updated on the storm’s advisories as it approaches our island,” commented Acting Minister of National Security Owen Darrell.

As of 6am today, the Bermuda Weather Service forecasts that Hurricane Tammy, currently a category 2 hurricane, is moving north east at 10 miles per hour (9 knots) with maximum sustained winds of 97 miles per hour (85 knots), gusting to 120 miles per hour (105 knots).

Tammy’s closest point of approach to Bermuda within the next 72 hours is expected to be 111 nautical miles to the east south-east at 6am on Saturday, October 28, 2023.

Minister Darrell emphasises the importance of staying informed about the storm’s progress and taking appropriate precautions.

He added: “Our Ministry, in collaboration with the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO), is closely monitoring this storm and encourages everyone to do likewise so that  we areall prepared to respond effectively should the need arise.”

Residents are encouraged to monitor the storm’s advisories through the Bermuda Weather Service ( for the most up-to-date information.

As a reminder, it is advisable to have a family emergency plan in place, secure loose items around homes, and ensure that essential supplies are readily available.