National Security Minister Wayne Caines, will host the LIVE LOVE LIFE!, ‘Stop The Violence!’ youth talent competition, this coming Sunday, on the holiday weekend, at the Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts.

The contest, aimed at bringing attention to reducing violence, particularly crimes linked to gang and gun violence in Bermuda, will feature the best of talent in spoken word, singing and rap.

The show, which is free, is being produced and staged in partnership with PinkSand Entertainment to showcase the event.

Minister Caines, who announced plans for the show, which also carries $5,000 in cash and prizes, said the showcase event will help “tap into our young people’s creative energy”.

“The LIVE LOVE LIFE! competition offers our young people a chance to express creatively themselves in keeping with the theme of ‘Stop The Violence!’,” he said.

The show, to be held on Sunday, November 12th, also seeks to “bring about awareness of the importance of reducing gang violence”.

The talent competition, will also provide an opportunity for local students to express themselves by writing and performing a song, rap or spoken word using the theme.

“We want songs, raps and spoken word creations that spread the important message of anti-violence and peace for our Island home,” said Mr Caines.

By partnering with the island’s schools, he said: “We are looking forward to engaging not only our students, but our teachers and principals int his national creative endeavour

“Performers will be judged by a panel of community stakeholders for the chance to win the grand prize,” he added. And a spokeswoman for the newly formed support group Moms on a Mission is also scheduled to address the audience.

Overall,, he said the Ministry’s anti-violence initiatives are designed “to change the pattern of behavior of individuals involved in group and gang violence and reintegrate them back into mainstream society”.

“We are determined to prevent young people from joining gangs and engaging in anti-social behavior,” said the Minister. “This is our commitment to the people of Bermuda.

“And we hope to have the community’s support as we work towards ensuring a safer Bermuda for all.”

  • Photo & Graphic Courtesy of DCI: Minister Wayne Caines was joined by Pastor Leroy Bean, Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator and Johnathan Tankard, CEO of PinkSand Entertainment at AB Place Media Room in October