Speaking via social media for the first time since his appointment, newly installed Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines said today that “around the clock” efforts are underway to develop a comprehensive plan to address the violent crime plaguing Bermuda.

While noting that since his appointment as the new Minister responsible for National Security, the country has experienced two murders, a near fatal stabbing, and a fracas involving gang related persons at Cup Match, he said: “This increase in violent activity is deeply concerning. Please know that our Team has been working around the clock to action our plan.”

Commenting via social media, the post, published on his Facebook page this morning continued: “Just because we have not made our actions public (and we will) please do not feel the matter is not in hand.

“We will deal with this issue using a multi-faceted approach. Again, the respective teams are working diligently.

“I have met with the Governor and the Commissioner of Police both understand the problem and key issues. Both men are committed to working to stamp out violence in our Country,” said Mr Caines.

“But this is a community problem, these are our sons, brothers, boyfriends, ace boys, nephews, godsons, husbands. We must hold them accountable.

“Hold the Police accountable, hold me as the Minister accountable, but we must hold each other accountable for the MESS!!!

“This will only be solved if we tackle it together,” he said. “This week we will formally ask for your help. Please be ready [sic] roll up your sleeves.

“Don’t tell me the problem. We all know the problem! Tell me that you are willing and able to help. We will put you to work. Continue to believe in our Country, continue to believe in our Sons! Let’s dig deep, make the necessary changes and evolve to a more loving and caring society.”

The Minister also urged members of the community to email, or text him on wmcaines@gov.bm or on 704-8900.