Updating the public on the work being done by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation (DRRM) Unit and the Gang Violence Reduction Team (GVRT), Minister of National Security, Renée Ming highlighted some of the restrictions that remain in place following the lifting of last week’s curfew.

They include:

  • A curfew for recreational boating remains in effect. All recreational boating must end at 8pm
  • An important note regarding the regulations:
  • Large Group Gatherings are still limited to 25 persons
  • For an indoor services or ceremonies in a church or other religious establishment, the number of persons who can gather is limited to 25% of the indoor area’s full capacity
  • For the number of persons at an outdoor service or ceremony (including weddings and funerals), the number cannot exceed 50 persons
  • In addition to the regulations, the Ministry of National Security is not accepting large group applications for funeral wakes, wedding receptions, birthday parties and other such events, at this time
  • The policy will be revisited and reviewed on March 9

The Minister was joined by National Disaster Coordinator Steve Cosham and GVRT Coordinator Leroy Bean at a news conference held on Monday (Feb 22).

Highlights of the Minister’s full statement:

During these many months of uncertainty, particularly during the pandemic, hurricane season, the island-wide BELCO blackout, and most recently during the winter storms – our DRRM Team have worked tirelessly to assess the national risks and effectively coordinate targeted and tiered emergency responses.

The critical information they provide both to the Government and the Ministry allows us to make the right and necessary decisions to ensure that our residents are kept safe.

And with the lifting of the curfew, it’s timely that I share some key updates with the public regarding some of the regulations that are still in effect.

Following the lifting of the curfew, we naturally expect that residents will want to move around the island more; this includes frequenting restaurants and bars and engaging in more social and recreational activities.

But I want to urge our community to continue to make responsible and sensible decisions.

While the curfew has ended, the pandemic hasn’t.

And there is still a need for our residents to exercise caution to protect themselves, their families, their loved ones and friends.

In fact, I want to take this opportunity to commend the public for their cooperation during the curfew, as their compliance was a major reason as to why Bermuda’s COVID-19 numbers declined following the surge last November.

As it relates to sports events, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport recently provided an update regarding the Return to Play Sports Guidance.

For our part the Ministry of National Security will consider applications for increased numbers of persons to participate in sports events such as road running races only when PHASE 4 of the Return to Play Guidance has been implemented.

The DRRM Team continues to work with our private and public sector partners to assess, advise and mitigate against threats and risks.