The Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) will meet once again at 1pm today, to determine whether or not public schools, public transportation, government offices and other public services will be open on Monday due to Hurricane Teddy.

Speaking at a news briefing on Friday, National Security Minister Renée Ming said the EMO “will be in a place of certainty to provide an update on any suspension or cessation of services if any” later this afternoon.

“However, this shouldn’t stop residents from restocking their storm supplies,” she said.

“The public should use today and tomorrow to replenish their storm kits and have their preparations finalized by Sunday. As I indicated we will hold our next public briefing tomorrow afternoon following our 1pm EMO meeting.”

She also noted that this hurricane season in particular, with back to back storms stirs up “extreme anxiety for some”.

“Bermuda, it was only last week that we began putting in place our emergency systems and protocols for Hurricane Paulette. And here we are again – a mere seven days later preparing to navigate through another hurricane,” she said.

“Bermuda, I know that the thought of having to deal with back to back storms against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic can cause extreme anxiety for some, but thankfully our emergency protocols are well-rehearsed.

“And you can rest assured that this Government is equipped and ready and able to not only deal with this storm, but to ensure that you are safe and protected.”

The EMO met on Friday “to get the latest updates regarding Hurricane Teddy”.

“While its current track does not indicate a direct hit, Hurricane Teddy is a threat to Bermuda, and residents should continue being vigilant by ensuring that they are storm ready,” said Ms Ming.

“Following our EMO meeting, here is what I can share at this time. Regarding our restoration efforts BELCO advised that there were around 22 customers still without power due to Hurricane Paulette. However BELCO are hopeful that power will be restored to these residences by day’s end.

“The island-wide clean up works have been largely completed such as tree and hedge clearance, and the Ministry of Public Works is working over the course of today and tomorrow to clear any backlog of trash.

“Switching to Hurricane Teddy, I can advise that on Sunday, there will be a partial embodiment of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, and the Bermuda Police Service, the Parks Department and the Ministry of Public Works have their resources positioned to assist where and when needed.”

The Hamilton Port and Stevedoring Services Limited closed effective the end of business on Friday.

  • Top Feature Photo Courtesy of TNN