The Department of National Drug Control (DNDC) issued a warning today on the potential risk of exposing innocent children to illicit drugs in Halloween treats while out ‘trick or treating’ this year.

A DNDC spokeswoman said parents should be wary of any unwrapped candy which may have had marijuana added.

“Marijuana edibles are food-like products that can contain concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol, the intoxicating chemical in marijuana,” she said.

“The effects of edibles can take up to two hours to be felt and can remain intense for two hours or longer, depending on the individual and the amount consumed. If ingested in high quantities, some of the symptoms are extreme confusion, anxiety, panic or paranoia.”

She also noted that unsealed gummy bears, homemade chocolate bars, lollipops, caramel chews and other gummy candies should be treated with suspicion by parents and guardians.

“ Additionally, homemade baked goods such as brownies and cookies, and normal commercialised candy that has been repackaged in plastic bags should be consumed with caution.

“The Department for National Drug Control takes its role in public education seriously and encourages the public to be aware of the dangers so that we have a harm free Halloween,” she added.

For more information, contact the Prevention Unit at the Department for National Drug Control at 294-9710 or e-mail