Excuse my absence as we’ve had some in-household management matters that matter most to deal with.

Today is really the first time I have been able to take in a full breath and just breathe for the first time in damn near 50 days straight!

Never mind these dark clouds that keep looming over me. When I took a real good look at that home explosion hearing that one man lost his life with his wife in critical condition, I had to make a choice.

Call it an editorial decision if you will, but waking up nearly 50 consecutive days with your eyes bleeding water, your head good and stuffy and snarky with your nose all runny then stuffy.

It’s now something like 47 days of just struggling to breathe.

For my own welfare and most definitely my sanity I decided to just shut it all down, tune it out, turn all devices off to just get a grip and catch myself and take extra special care of my health.

It’s not like I don’t know for sure what comes with the territory in this news business. But personally, I’ve been struggling really hard with the frequent occurence of some very horrible things in Bermuda.

Coming up on 40 years in 2024, things like two gun murders in two days, road traffic fatalities back to back, bodies being found overboard, more than 100 deaths due to COVID – it rips my heart to shreads.

I take a look around my country these days and wonder where the hell am I living thinking what kind of people are we really. I am sick of all this toxic energy and insensitivity, death, dying and all this pain and suffering. And I hear it DAILY!

So just for now, for one quick minute, I have got to get a grip on the impact of my first allergy season from HELL in YEARS! I need to send a special shout out to Dr Cindy L Morris, my most beloved physician EVER! The magnesium most definitely started sorting me out and cleared up my sinus & bronchial issues right away. So THANK YOU as ALWAYS!

We record our next TV interview today – see you on Channel 82 at 7pm on Monday okay!

About to go get my grind and news hustle back on – even starting to get my voice back – Thank God!

Have a great weekend people!