MIRROR Online, LONDON, England, By Sam Elliott Gibbs A mum has left other parents divided after saying she has returned her daughter’s Christmas present because the ungrateful girl ‘threw a fit’ as it wasn’t what she wanted.

She shared her family’s festive story and said she had no regrets after her child’s reaction to her gift having been told finances were tight this year. The decision to get her money back left the teenager in tears after she didn’t get the iPad Pro that she was hoping to unwrap.

Opting for a more cost-effective version, the Reddit user has asked whether she is being unreasonable after she returned her daughter’s Christmas gift. The mum took to the viral website to share the tale as millions around the world celebrate Christmas Day this week.


The gift wasn’t what she wanted – and the teen ‘threw a fit’ Getty Images/iStockphoto

The mum said: “My ex husband is no longer around to spoil them like he usually does. The divorce finalised exactly 1 year ago, since then he changed his number and has not even bothered to call our daughters and I as a nurse working long hours are doing my best to provide for 3 girls. I’m still doing everything I can to find him because he hasn’t been paying lately and I’ve been very busy anyway.

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“I asked the girls asked what they wanted for Christmas. My 11 yr olds wanted a nintendo switch with the latest pokemon game, and my 16 year old wants the ipad pro with the pencil. I do the best I can for my daughters but unfortunately, I have a limited budget and I told them this. I told my daughter that it would be extremely difficult to get an ipad pro but I will do the best I can. At that point it seemed like we came to an understanding.

“My intended budget for christmas shopping was $500, and since I could not afford the ipad she wanted, I got her a samsung tablet for $160 so I had to stretch it thin to make sure everyone gets presents. Fast forward Christmas day and when the girls opened their gifts, the twins were happy to get their switch and 2 pokemon games. My oldest 16 threw a fit that it was not the ipad pro that she wanted.”

She went on: “I told her that I could not afford a $800 tablet so I got her a very good brand tablet instead. She started yelling at me and calling me the worst mom ever and how she misses dad. I told her that if she misses her father so much, call him, knowing that at this point that phone number is disconnected.

“I told her that she needs to understand that her father is not around anymore, and I have to take care of her and her sisters on my own and money is very scarce. I can only do so much. If this is the attitude I get for making sure she get something for Christmas, I’ll return the tablet. She’s old enough to get a job anyway. My daughter burst into tears and ran to her room. We have not spoke much since the incident.”

In response, a Reddit user wrote: “You are feeling the stress of being a single parent with limited time and an extremely limited income. Your daughter feels abandoned by one parent and most likely sees your business and stress as you pulling away from her emotionally as well. Someone was almost guaranteed to snap at some point.”

A second wrote: “I feel for you and the situation your ex left you in. But. Your daughter is a child. Who is is clearly acting out because her dad abandoned her. What are you doing to help her through this? Is she therapy? Honestly you both sound like you need therapy, and your other kids would probably benefit from it as well.