Tragic Robyn Goldie died at her home in Wishaw after telling her mum she was unwell – Daily Record

Mirror Online: LONDON, England – A mum ignored her dying daughter to go to the pub – claiming she was “attention seeking”, a court heard.

Sharon Goldie, 45, left 13-year-old Robyn Goldie at home even though the sick teen was begging for help.

Goldie later found her daughter slumped on the sofa – but left to go out in the garden to have a drink with a friend.

It was only after they eventually discovered Robyn was dead that an ambulance was finally called for, the Daily Record reports.

A judge heard on Thursday how the schoolgirl had suffered a year of horrific neglect before her death including being forced to ask someone for a £1 to get food.

The shocking details emerged as Goldie appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

She pled guilty to a charge under the Children and Young Persons Act of wilfully ill-treating and neglecting Robyn, who died after suffering a burst stomach ulcer.

Prosecutors accepted Goldie’s not guilty plea to the culpable homicide of her daughter.

She will learn her fate next month.

Robyn had lived with Goldie until she was four and had once been forced to call a gas company complaining of being cold.

This lead to the child staying with her gran until 2017 in what was described as a “stable life”.

Robyn then returned to her mum in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, due to her starting secondary school. But the court heard social workers continued to monitor the pair.

Prosecutor Ashley Edwards QC said: “Goldie was offered – on various occasions – the opportunity to attend parenting classes. She declined to attend.”

The court heard how Robyn told a friend she did not like her mum drinking.

It was at this time Goldie appeared to be a regular at the Melody Bar in Wishaw.

Miss Edwards said: “Robyn was often seen looking for Goldie and asking for money to buy food. She also often approached a neighbour asking for £1 to get food.”

Miss Edwards told the court: “On an occasion (at the pub), Goldie was heard to say, ‘I am f*****g sick of her. I wish she would go back and stay with her gran’.”

Flowers outside the home where Robyn diedImage: Wishaw Press

The court heard Robyn told friends how drunken Goldie would offer her cannabis and alcohol while insisting she did not want her in the house.

The week before her death, Robyn was given painkillers after complaining of a sore stomach and legs. On July 21, Goldie then told staff at the Melody Bar she had “locked” her daughter in the house “so she could not get out”.

Three days later, Robyn texted her gran claiming she felt “a lot better”.

That night, Robyn told Goldie to get help as she had “pain all over” but she refused to contact an ambulance.

Another friend of Goldie said he would go with Robyn in a taxi to hospital – but she claimed the girl was “attention seeking”.

On July 26 – the day Robyn passed away – the court heard it is “thought likely” a stomach ulcer had burst.

At 9.40am, a social worker turned up to take Robyn to a catering class.

However, Miss Edwards said: “Goldie spoke through the letterbox explaining that Robyn was not well and had been unwell since the previous Thursday.” Despite her daughter being ill, Goldie went to the pub.

She then returned home with a friend to find Robyn slumped on a sofa.

Miss Edwards said: “Goldie and the man got another drink from the fridge and went outside ‘because the weather was nice’.”

The friend later checked on Robyn again and discovered she was dead.

An ambulance was called but upon being told her daughter had passed away, Goldie wailed: “No, she cannot be.”

Robyn was found to have died from peritonitis as a result of a perforated ulcer.

The court heard Goldie had suffered a brain injury following a car accident as a child.
Lord Beckett continued bail.