News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – For elementary school students at Mount Saint Agnes Academy (MSA), learning looks and feels like play.

Lessons are hands-on and interactive to encourage engagement. The students learn as they play, retaining information more easily through genuine interest in the material. A child-centered, play-based approach to learning is just one of the ways that MSA is focusing on the student experience in elementary school.

“Recognizing each student’s individuality is very important to us at MSA,” stated the MSA Principal, Anna Faria Machado. “Our small class sizes allow our teachers to get to know each child and discover how to best support their learning. Whether a student is excelling and needs to be challenged more or is having difficulty and needs extra support, our teachers are able to respond to all of their students’ needs so that they have the most engaging classroom experience.”

Another key component of the MSA elementary school experience is the development of social skills. MSA uses Kagan Cooperative Learning to help students develop their communication skills and work well in teams.

“After returning to a normal school year, we have noticed that there are social skills gaps with students who have had such a momentous interruption to their schooling,” continued Mrs. Machado. “It is important for our students to know that they have a voice and understand how to use it. They learn how to communicate with one another and advocate for themselves, both with their peers and with adults.”

MSA also provides Solstice counseling for students who need support for a variety of reasons.

Outside of the classroom, MSA elementary students pursue their passions through a range of extracurricular activities and community projects.

“MSA promotes community values, both within our school and the wider community,” continued Mrs. Machado. “Our students genuinely love helping people and the recent Read and Feed Program, which provides food to The Eliza DoLittle Society, is just one of the many ways they serve the community throughout the year.”

At the end of the day, a play-based approach, differentiated learning, a collaborative environment, community focus and opportunities for growth and leadership give MSA students a joyful experience that promotes learning for years to come.

“Our daughter Reese has been attending MSA since the Early Learning Program,” stated a current MSA parent, Natasha McAlpine. “She’s had a positive experience throughout her elementary years. She enjoys going to school each day and loves seeing her teachers and friends. We feel this is a testament to the work the staff at MSA put into the school. We like the family-oriented nature of the school and feel Reese is academically and socially prepared for her middle school years.”

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Mount Saint Agnes Academy, founded by the Sisters of Charity, has been providing excellence in private Catholic education in Bermuda since 1890 for Kindergarten to Grade 12. At MSA, we are pleased to offer the Canadian Alberta Curriculum Programs of Study at all grade levels as the basis of our programming. Alberta’s education system is recognized internationally as one of the best learning systems in the world.