News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Today (Sept 1), MSA shared the achievements of its 2022 graduating class, which included university acceptances and multiple scholarship awards.

Of the thirty-six graduates, nine will study at Bermuda College, fourteen will study at universities in Canada, six in the United States of America, and three in the United Kingdom. The remaining students are awaiting acceptance at their selected university, choosing to take a gap year before attending university, or have elected to go straight into the workforce.

MSA students received a total of $49,000 in scholarship funds for the 2022-2023 academic year; several students were awarded multiyear scholarships and will receive additional funding in subsequent years. Several students received entrance scholarships from their universities, which included Western University, University of Toronto, University of Guelph, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Baylor University.

One student also received a four-year scholarship from Hofstra University. In addition to scholarships received directly from the universities, MSA students received over $20,000 in local scholarships and awards.

While MSA is very proud of its students’ academic achievements, it celebrates each student as a unique individual and believes that its nurturing environment and sense of community set it apart.

Class Valedictorian, Adriano Rymon-Lipinski, received honours with distinction and certificates of excellence in multiple subjects. Adriano will attend the University of Toronto in the fall. He stated: “Many of us have known each other since kindergarten, others have joined along the way, but we have all grown together and become part of this extraordinary MSA family. We have built a very special bond throughout our school days, school sports, activities, and school traditions.”

“The Class of 2022 has been exemplary in terms of achieving high grades and earning well-deserved scholarships for the students’ continued education,” stated MSA Principal, Anna Faria-Machado. “We are very proud of our graduates. Whether they are attending a four-year university abroad, attending Bermuda College, starting their careers, or taking a gap year before making their next move, I am assured that MSA has helped these students to be confident, make lifelong friendships, develop a lasting love of learning, and be successful in all facets of their lives in the future.

“The MSA Family is extremely proud of the achievements of the Class of 2022. These resilient students have completed high school amid a pandemic, and with tremendous success. Despite the challenges and disruptions throughout the last two years, they have persevered. We wish them continued success and happiness in their futures.”

The graduates’ career plans span a variety of industries, including kinesiology, IT, sports management, hospitality, medicine, business, criminal justice, animation, emergency services, marketing, psychology, neuroscience, engineering, and early childhood education.

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