The owners of Mr Chicken plan to reopen their chain of restaurants by or before the end of the week, after a part-time worker at the Devonshire outlet tested positive for COVID-19.

Mr and Mrs Furbert said they were informed last week Thursday. The decision was made to close all five restaurants late Friday evening.

Since then, all staff were being tested for the coronavirus.

“We did think long and hard before making this decision.   All tests should be completed by Thursday and we’ll open,” the owners said.

They also provided this breakdown on the chain of events that led to the closures:

  1. Mr Charles Eberly’s wife is one of my cooks and  5 of our Management and staff members attended the Eberly funeral and have all been in quarantine for the last two weeks.  Everyone tested negative but still had to remain in quarantine for 14 days.
  2. One part time employee was informed on Friday morning on her regular job and was immediately quarantined.  She did not come to work on Friday night.
  3. A live-in family member of the affected individual tested negative last night.
  4. We have two other workers that are now on quarantine due to the Cedarbridge and Dellwood School closure.
  5. Another part-time Hamilton staff member refused to come to work because she didn’t want to work with someone that had worked in Devonshire
  6. Another part-time Hamilton staff member was told by her full-time boss to go home until she is tested.