Curtis Dickinson, Minister of Finance

Members of Parliament today gave their unanimous support and passed legislation to raise the mandatory retirement age for public service workers by three years – from 65 to 68.

Speaking on the floor of the House of Assembly, Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson said the Public Service Superannuation Amendment Act does not include Bermuda’s firefighters, police officers or Bermuda Regiment soldiers.

But discussions are underway to determine what changes will be made as it relates to the island’s uniformed services.

Due to Bermuda’s ageing population and the decline in the number of working-age, able-bodied people, the Minister said the bottom line is that action needs to be taken.

Deputy Speaker of the House, Derrick Burgess stated that in today’s modern society there is no place for age discrimination and that our senior citizens have suffered unfair treatment for long enough.

He also stressed that the legislation does not force seniors to work past the current retirement age of 65. Instead, seniors have the option to retire at 65 or 68.