News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The public will recall that late last year, the Cabinet Office issued a call for interested residents to serve on Government Boards and Committees.

The Government is pleased with the response received and takes this opportunity to thank all who submitted their interest, advising that the process is now complete and all appointments confirmed.

Premier David Burt said: “Several individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge in a variety of industries and disciplines are now serving on the numerous Government Boards and Committees.

“We welcome the contributions of all those willing to serve and are confident that each member will make an invaluable contribution to Bermuda during their service.”

All Government Boards and Committee appointments became effective on April 1, 2024.

Photo Courtesy of TNN

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Works, Lt Col David Burch added: “I am pleased to note the appointment of MP Zane DeSilva as the chairman of the National Parks Commission.

“He brings a wealth of experience to the role, both as a seasoned business owner and a dedicated member of parliament.

“His business acumen and understanding of public service are invaluable assets that will undoubtedly benefit the Commission. Concerns about a potential conflict of interest due to Mr DeSilva’s business interests and his parliamentary role are unfounded.

“Every Chairman of Boards in the Ministry of Public Works is a Member of Parliament, a practice that leverages their experience for the public good.

“I am confident that Mr. DeSilva’s background and experience will greatly complement his leadership of the Commission. His appointment follows careful consideration and is in the best interest of advancing the Commission’s important work.”

The Premier concluded: “There is a breadth of talent amongst the ranks of the Government Members of Parliament. It is not uncommon for an MP to serve on a major board or committee as its Chair.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Government members to be involved in the governance process. I wish to echo Minister Burch’s sentiments regarding the appointment of MP DeSilva.

“Based on his level of knowledge and expertise, I expect that he will make an invaluable contribution to the National Parks Commission.”