The man who has led more than 300 residents to dig in and grow more of their own food for better health and save money, came in for a visit this week by Governor John Rankin and Health Kim Wilson.

Chaplain Kevin Santucci who heads up the ‘Grow, Eat, Save’ workshops, introduced by the Department of Health in March 2017, continues to pass on the benefits of having a green thumb for better health and take a healthy chunk out of the family grocery bill.

Created to encourage residents to start their home gardens, the eight-week workshop provides a firsthand link to professional farmers as guest presenters.

A spokesperson said those presenters include Norwood Salaam, “who explained how to transplant vegetables correctly”, and Steven Douglas, who “provided instruction on the correct way to plant cassava”.

“Recently, Claire Jessie, from the Department of Environment gave a lesson on how to control common garden pests and insecticides.

At the completion of this workshop on April 18, the 50 participants will have gained further knowledge and hands-on skills on how to plant and how to prepare a garden,” she added.

The next Grow, Eat, Save will be held in September, for more information please email or call 278-6467 or 278-6469. 

  • Photos Courtesy of DCI