More than 300 members of the community in search of jobs turned out to the Jobs Fair held on Tuesday (Dec 20), at the Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall.

The full-day event, which ran from 9am to 6pm, was organised by Bermuda Hospitals Board’s (BHB) People Directorate (Human Resources).

The “speed interviewing event” involved “over the course of the day over 600 interviews” conducted with job seekers to fill vacancies in administrative, nursing aide, facilities, maintenance, food and environmental services departments”.

Deputy CEO Scott Pearman, commented: “We are really pleased to see such a good turnout for the Jobs Fair. It has been a win-win event. For people looking for work, or looking to join BHB it was an great opportunity to get interviewed. For BHB, these are critical positions for the safe and effective running of our hospitals. They are not new positions, but existing ones and filling them helps the us run more efficiently.

“The purpose of the Jobs Fair was twofold: first, we want to put Bermudians back to work, and there is no better time than Christmas to give opportunity for the new year. Secondly, the Jobs Fair is part of our strategy to advance recruit for positions that may become available in the coming months. Delays in filling posts increase operational costs therefore we now have a rich pool of talent to fill future vacancies within a shorter time period. Even if participants don’t get an immediate follow up call for January, future opportunities may become available.”

Mr Pearman added: “The People Directorate team observed that 122 of the attendees are currently unemployed so we are pleased to offer them an opportunity to get back on their feet and contribute to their country, as several expressed during their interviews. There were many older and mid-career applicants, and a substantial number of hungry young applicants.

“On a positive note, there was a rich, ready-made talent pool of certified nurse assistant applicants who had been through the Bermuda College programme, highlighting the benefit of such courses at the College. We encourage members of the community to explore healthcare, dietary and facilities management training programmes on offer at the Bermuda College as they prepare people for future job openings at the BHB.

“On behalf of BHB, I would like to thank all of the applicants who came forward to offer their services and I would also like to thank my People Directorate team for organising the event for the community to attend. BHB and our union partners look forward to on-boarding new employees from this event in 2023.”

Interested in working at BHB – find vacancies and apply here.”